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Cardboard Recycling Cambridge

Are you looking for a cardboard recycling waste company in Cambridge? Waste company is a leading cardboard and all commercial waste management in Cambridge. We will handle all of your cardboard waste strategy while offering you excellent customer service, free bins and bin delivery as well as a choice of when to collect your cardboard waste.

Waste company has been in the waste industry for over 30 years. This means that over the years, we have cultivated unsurpassed knowledge for waste management, know the ins and outs of handling waste and can help you stay abreast of the law and legislation governing waste management. Speak to us today for a swift and friendly service or to ask any questions you may have.

What is Cardboard Recycling?

Cardboard recycling is the reuse of cardboard material to make new paper or cardboard material. Cardboard is essentially paper. This means that the method used to produce paper is quite similar to that of cardboard making and it involves cutting down of trees, using excess water and energy, all of which are preserved with cardboard recycling compared to the virgin way of making cardboard and cardboard materials

Cardboard is basically multilayered paper. The layering helps with the sturdiness of cardboard. Cardboard is mostly used for packaging of larger goods such as furniture and lightweight materials such as cereals and milk. The cardboard used for larger materials like furniture is known as corrugated cardboard while the one used for lighter things is referred to as chip boxes of chipboard.  

How do You Recycle Cardboard?

There is a process involved with cardboard recycling to ensure efficiency and an optimal condition for the material to be created from the recycled cardboard. Below we will go through it step by step:


The first step of cardboard recycling is the collection. This is when we collect the cardboard waste from your premises at the given time. We can collect weekly, monthly, daily. It all depends on the capacity with which your business produces the waste as well as your collection frequency preference. Then the cardboard waste will be taken to a recycling facility.


At the recycling facility, the waste will undergo what is known as sorting. This is when the different cardboard waste material is grouped and classed according to its material composition. They are usually classified into corrugated cardboard which is the sturdy one used for heavier packaging and boxboards . Boxboards or chip boards are thinner and used for lighter packaging such as food storage.

Shredding and Pulping 

After the sorting is done, the boxes will then be shredded for pulping. Shredding is done so that the cardboard is in much smaller pieces and is easier to manage and pulp. Pulping is when the shredded cardboard pieces are mixed with water and some chemicals to create a pasty like mixture that is known as pulp. The pulp is then blended with wood chips that help with solidifying the pulp mixture so that it is firmer. 

Filtering and De-inking

After the firming of the material, it is then taken through a thorough process called filtering and de-inking. This process helps in getting rid of all the foreign material found in the pulp such as tape or glue. It then goes through a further process to get rid of plastics and metals. After that, the pulp is stripped clean of any remnant ink and such.

Last stage

This is a finishing stage where the material is blended, dried and put on a conveyor belt where it will be remade into new paper and cardboard material and then shipped to production and manufacturing  factories. 

Advantages for Cardboard Recycling

Recycling cardboard comes with many benefits. It helps reduce pollution, saves our environment from dying out and makes us feel good about ourselves. Some more reasons why recycling cardboard is essential are as follows:

Saves Trees

Because cardboard and paper comes from trees, recycling them reduces the number of trees cut down to create more cardboard. So, by recycling, you will be saving a large number of trees and ultimately, increase the chance of having more oxygen for us to breathe and less co2.

Saves Energy and Water

The process of making cardboard from trees involves a significant amount of water usage and tons of energy. Recycling one tonne of cardboard saves about 390kWh of energy and more than 250000 litres of water. This is because the cardboard waste has gone through the heavy processing when it was being created initially, there is less need for so much water and energy when it is being recycled.

Saves Landfill Space

So much paper and cardboard waste ends up in landfills. Recycling ensures that no amount of cardboard ends up in landfills and thereby causing more pollution. Waste company has a firm zero landfill policy. This means that we will ensure by any means that your cardboard waste goes through proper recycling and does not end up in landfills. 

At Waste company, We care for the environment as well as your business’s green footprint. We will help you create a better future for generations to come through proper waste management and that means recycling. Do not hesitate to contact us today for more information and help with your cardboard recycling needs.

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