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Food Waste Management Cambridge

Are you looking for an innovative waste company to manage your food waste? Then look no further, here at Waste company we have all the tools, manpower, and expertise to handle your food waste in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way.

We know that running a business is no easy feast and to take the weight off of your shoulders, so we handle the waste management aspect for you. We can provide free bins and offer an obligation free quote. No matter the size of your food waste, we can collect it. 

What is Food waste?

Food waste is the discarded food that’s not used for consumption. The rise of food waste is closely linked to globalization. The fact that we can get mangoes from India means that along the way during transportation, food got stale or bruised and then declared not good for consumption so it gets discarded. More often than not, this food is fit for consumption but either does not look appetizing or was meant to be consumed the day it was made but it wasn’t or it is leftovers from customers in the case of eatery places.

In the UK households throw out an estimated 4.5 million tons of food waste per year and businesses throw out an estimated 1.5 million tons of food waste. These sound like huge numbers but we have made big strides in food waste management so far and have significantly reduced greenhouse gasses associated with food waste. 

How is Food Waste Managed

Managing food waste comes  in different forms but the most practised is recycling it to create energy, biofuel and electricity. Major contributors to food waste are restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, caterers and food processing industries. 

If your business falls under one of the abovementioned,  you need to have food waste management inplace , manned by a registered and licenced food waste clearance services like Waste company. We will recycle your food through anaerobic digestion and composting.

Food waste Collection

So, the first step of food waste management by waste clearance companies would be the collection.  Waste company will provide you with free bins to store your food waste so it is kept separate from other waste materials. To avoid disturbances from the way you run your business, we are available to pick up and collect your waste at any time you prefer. Be it morning, middle of the night or evening. It is all up to you, we are just here to deliver excellent service to you.

Food waste Disposal

After collection, comes the disposal stage. This is when we drive off with your food waste to recycling plants where it is turned into an energy source or fuel.This method is done through what is known as anaerobic digestion. The food waste is burnt at high temperatures in an enclosed space to control the release of harmful gasses to the atmosphere.

Most people just dump their food in landfills because it is biodegradable. However, there are dangers associated with this such as the release of methane into the atmosphere. Methane gas is way more dangerous than carbon dioxide and when food is composting, it releases a lot of it.

To ensure your food waste is handled properly, count on Waste company. We will also provide you with a waste transfer note and a waste audit. Call us today to learn more.

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