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Glass recycling is one of the most convenient and possibly clever ways of reusing glass to ensure sustainability of the environment. Are you a business that uses glass on a daily basis and needs glass waste management? Then Waste company is here to cover all of your glass waste requirements. Our core values include giving unparalleled customer service to our customers. We also offer:

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The Importance of Glass Recycling Cambridge

Recycling glass is one the most underrated ways of saving Earth from waste pollution and greenhouse gasses. Instead of letting glass waste fill up our landfills and open spaces through fly-tipping, we can recycle it for reuse. Other advantages of recycling glass are:

Eco-friendly: Reduces air pollution. Creating glass from recycled glass material saves energy by 20% and water by 50%.

Conserves natural resources: The raw organic materials needed to produce glass are considerably large and using recycled glass to create another glass reduced the use of natural resources.

Promotes sustainability: Glass can be recycled up to 100 times without losing its physical attributes and purity. When melted, it can be used to create a lot of different materials.

Saves energy: When raw material is used to create virgin glass ( a new glass made from completely new glass making materials and has never been a glass before). Recycling used glass requires far less energy and time.

Efficient: Measured against reused glass bottles, recycled glass materials are stronger and durable. Although these jars and containers are made of biodegradable material, it can deteriorate with usage and time.

How is Glass Recycled

After we collect the glass waste from your premises, we will send it to waste recycling plants. There, they will be cleaned to remove them of their impurities and then sorted according to their colors and grades. Same coloured glasses are recycled together as that suggests they have the same chemical composition. 

Next comes the process of crushing into smaller pieces to make the melting process easier. When melted, they will be remodeled into new glasses, jars and containers. 

This process is significantly less costly than creating glass from original glass making materials. It is also the most sustainable method.

By managing your glass waste well enough, you contribute to the saving of environmental resources and your Duty of Care obligation.

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