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Plastic Waste Management Cambridge

Plastic is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world. At Waste company we strive to provide businesses with the best possible plastic waste management. We strive to manage your plastic waste effectively, efficiently and in an eco-friendly way. 

Regardless of how big or small your business is and the waste it produces, we can help. We have experienced, friendly staff available 24/7 to attend to any and all of your plastic waste needs. We will make sure your plastic waste does not end up in landfills or the ocean, which is one of the biggest challenges we are facing globally.

What is Plastic Waste?

So what is plastic waste? Plastic waste is discarded plastic material that is not reused or recycled. Most things come in plastic packages and once we have used what was in the package, we discard the plastic which is why plastic waste is rapidly becoming a global problem.

Plastic is widely used because it makes life easier. It improves our living standards and nutrition. It is widely used in manufacturing, healthcare, construction, transport, agriculture, transportation. This is to say that so much of what we consume comes in plastic. It is a cheap, durable material. However, most of this plastic ends up in our ocean and landfills. 

What Causes Plastic Waste?

As we have mentioned above, plastic use is global and it is one of the cheapest and yet durable materials. Because it is so cheap and durable, it is easier to just discard it because you can always get another plastic very cheaply. Other reasons are:

Growing population: The more people there are, the more need for cheap packaging material which in turn causes more plastic needs. 

Disposable Mentality: This means that we have this idea that plastic is disposable. We don’t care about preserving it because there’ll always be plastic available to use

Plastic does not decompose: Another major contributor to plastic waste pollution is the fact that it does not decompose. This means that every plastic that has ever been made still exists somewhere, either filling up our landfills or our oceans.   

Managing Plastic Waste Cambridge

Managing plastic waste means drastically reducing the existing plastic waste as well as plastic waste that we still are to create. There are different ways in which we can utilize resources to manage plastic waste. Below are some of the ways we can manage plastic waste:

Recycling Plastic Waste Cambridge

Plastic recycling is the method of recovering plastic waste into usable, functional products. Recycling plastic helps in reducing plastic waste. It also puts less pressure on virgin materials that are used to create plastic and also saves energy. Creating new materials from plastic is very easy and cheap because plastic is such a durable material. At Waste company, we have a zero landfill policy when it comes to plastic waste. We care for the environment and want to help your company abide by the law and your Duty of Care. 

Reusing Plastic Waste Cambridge

Reusing plastic waste is one of the easiest methods of ensuring that plastic waste is managed. There are some plastic materials that cannot be reused like plastic wraps for food and other packages as well as straws. For this kind of plastic, it is important to ensure that it is stored well for collection and then we will dispose of it responsibly. This is why it is important to have a licenced waste disposal company like Waste company. 

Recycling plastic as a main form of plastic management has come a long way. Businesses are urged to have an effective plastic recycling strategy in place with the help of waste management company like Waste company. We will provide you with free bins, excellent customer service  and can provide you with any information regarding plastic waste management.  Call us today. 

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