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Promoting Green living in Your Business

As a business located in the United Kingdom (UK) you have an obligation to ensure that your business abides by the law that is set to promote sustainable living, also known as green living. This means taking care to ensure that the waste your business produces does not end up where it should not which may result in harm to the environment, others and our lovely animals.

One sure way to do that is by entrusting your waste management to a well established waste management company such as us here at Waste company. We have fully trained staff, equipped with proper waste handling techniques and we also try by all means possible to ensure 0your waste does not end up in landfills and causes more pollution. 

How do You Promote Green Living?

As a business, promoting green living amongst your staff, beyond waste management can be tricky at first. But overtime, with sufficient knowledge about why green living is important, it becomes easier. It all begins with very small but consistent changes that will, overtime, amount to so much more than you can imagine. Let’s look at some of the ways you as a company can promote green living in the office:

Discourage Single Use Items

Instead of having paper cups in your office for tea or coffee, you could encourage your employees to bring in proper tea cups or coffee mugs from home that they can use in the office everyday. That way, you will reduce the amount of paper cups waste tour businesses produce.  

Use Local Produce

If you have the kind of business that makes food for its employees, you might want to look at sourcing your food/ ingredients  from local farmers. Local farmers rarely package their good in excessive plastic and their products are often fresher and cheaper and they usually use sustainable methods to farm their products. By using local farmers, you will not only be saving the environment but also your company some cash!

Recycle, recycle, recycle.

We cannot stress the importance of recycling enough. Not only does recycling save our energy supply, trees and the environment, it also promotes sustainability and reduces our carbon footprints. Materials you can recycle in your office range from electronics such as 

computers, printers, keypads to paper and cardboard waste. Call us to talk to one of our friendly consultants to find out how we can help you recycle. We also offer free bins and bin delivery to further assist with your recycling.

Ditch The Papers For Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the process of transferring all the information and tools your business needs to run smoothly into a computer server instead of big paper files that will end up increasing the rate of paper waste. And amid the covid pandemic and everyone suddenly working from home, cloud computing will also make the lives of your employees so much easier. Another plus of cloud computing is the reduction of costs of printing out papers.

Why is Going Green Important  For Businesses?

Going green allows you to use your resources efficiently. It also saves your business a lot of money and time. For example, using solar friendly is both eco friendly and saves your business a lot of money from the electric bill. Most business owners are under the impression that their contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gasses ends at waste management. But, that is simply not the case. There is more to ensuring a sustainable living than just how we manage our waste.

It also involves waste reduction which is basically what we do to ensure less waste is created, practising environmentally friendly ways of living in the office collectively and individually. For more information on what your business can do to ensure green living, contact Waste company. A friendly consultant is waiting to offer you any kind of advice related to waste management and sustainable living you may need. We are here for you. Always.

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