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Trade Waste Management Cambridge

Trade waste is not the easiest to manage. It is riddled with stringent rules that waste companies have to abide by. This makes it harder to dispose of anyhow. This also means that it is completely illegal to dispose of waste when you are not authorised to do it.

This is where Waste company comes in. We are  licensed to dispose of any waste including trade waste. Our staff is fully equipped with the tools needed to be able to handle trade waste responsibly and in an eco-friendly way. We offer excellent customer service, free bins and discretion. Whatever you need, we are here for you.

What is Trade Waste?

Trade is liquid waste generated by commercial and industrial companies. It is usually discharged into sewers. Also, this waste does not include human waste or waste from personal hygiene. With mismanagement, trade waste can damage the sewers and contaminate the underground water. 

It is therefore crucial that companies use licensed trade waste management company like Waste company. We will ensure that your trade waste is handled properly, therefore assisting you in honoring your Duty of Care and being a law abiding company.

What does Trade Waste Contain?

Since trade waste is liquid but does not include human waste and hygiene waste, you might want to know what exactly does trade waste contain. Trade waste contains liquid waste water that’s usually created from food production such as cooking or preparing food or water from washing dishes or cleaning.  

When it’s not properly handled, trade waste can put stress on our sewage systems which will in turn cause health and environmental problems. Especially when there are no grease traps to separate grease from the trade waste. To avoid this, Waste company will take your trade waste to recycling plants where it will be treated before being sent to the sewage systems.   

Trade waste Management Cambridge

Waste company has the diligence and experience required to manage trade waste. Because of its potential to be destructive and cause harm to the environment, not everyone is equipped to handle trade waste. Other issues associated with mismanagement of trade waste are drinking water contamination, corrosion to the sewerage infrastructure, and creating harmful gases such as methane. 

If you run a business that produces some form of trade waste and are not sure what to do, contact us to find out what we can do to help your business manage trade waste properly.

Trade Waste Permit

Trade waste permit allows you the ability to collect and dispose of trade waste. Why do you need a trade waste permit? Not all trade waste can go to sewages. There are some measures that need to be taken into consideration first. 

Trade waste permit allows you to dispose of your trade waste in pre-treatment facilities before going to a sewerage.  You need to abide by all the regulations set in place for trade waste management. Failure to do so may result in:

  • Penalties.
  • Poisoning of the biological processes in treatment plants
  • Damage to the physical infrastructure of sewage systems
  • Treat to the health of sewage workers
  • Being stripped off of your trade waste

To ease you of the stress and financial impact of running a business and managing your trade waste, Waste company is available at any time suitable to you to collect the waste. We will dispose of it safely at our local treatment plants. You can rest assured that everything will be legally and professionally taken care of. Waste company always strive to make life easier for you.

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