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Waste Management Cambridge

Do you have a commercial company in Cambridge that requires waste management? The UK is well known for its propregrissive and robust waste management legislation. Waste company is here to help your company abide by the rules set in place and will handle your waste responsibly for you. Up to 90% of waste can be reused or recycled,and we at Waste company have a zero landfill policy to divert as much waste from ending up in landfills as possible. 

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What is Waste Management?

Waste management involves the storage, collection, transportation, recycling, reusing, or disposal of waste. Because waste can sometimes not necessarily be waste, waste management encourages sustainability by either reusing or recycling the materials considered waste. This is also one of the reasons defining what waste is can be quite tricky. What one might consider waste may be someone else’s valuable goods. 

At Waste company, we pride ourselves in our commitment to our customers and the customer service we provide. We provide a broad spectrum of waste management services including waste collection, waste disposal, landfill waste diversion. Furthermore, we’ll provide efficient and cost effective service while helping you abide by the law and reduce your carbon foot-print.

Waste Collection Cambridge

Waste collection self-explanatory. It involves the collection and transportation of waste from your premises to a recycling centre where it will either be disposed of or recycled. Waste company is a specialist waste removal company. We tailor your waste needs to your specifications regardless of the size of your waste. We offer a range of commercial waste collection such as:

  • Food waste
  • Glass waste
  • Plastic waste
  • Cardboard Waste
  • Paper waste
  • Trade waste
  • General waste

Waste Disposal Cambridge

Waste disposal is the discarding of waste. However, this disposal of waste needs to be done responsibly and in consideration of the environment. This is why there are legal aspects involved in waste management and waste disposal.

There are various methods of waste disposal, however, some of them are not environmentally friendly or advisable methods of waste disposal. Let’s have a look at all the various waste disposal methods available:  

Incineration: This is the best method to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill. It involves eliminating waste by combustion for energy, gas or fuel.

Composting: This method is particularly popular in farming areas and rural areas. Waste such as food scraps is decomposed to make biofertilizers.

Landfills: Landfills are lands licensed to house waste so it could be decomposed by the soil. This is usually the waste that cannot be reused or recycled.  

Landfill Waste Management Cambridge

Landfills are pits designed to house solid waste that cannot be recycled or reused. They’re usually lined at the bottom to prevent groundwater pollution. Landfills need to be designed expertly and manned by well-skilled operators. This means that not any open land can be used as a landfill. That would be illegal and is known as fly-tipping. To ensure that your company does not fall into the fly-tipping trap and inadvertently causes you to break the law, call Waste company to be your waste management company. 

Waste company strives for a zero landfill waste management policy. So far, we only send 5% of the waste we collect to landfills. 

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